throttle cable

Did you route it in front of the right fork tube, behind the number plate and then as normal across the CDI unit?

i routed it in front of the right fork tube behind the number plate then back down the right side of the frame next to the decompresion cable, this is how the original was routed...

Would that be a stock cable(s) from a Yam. dealer that you used? I also don't like how the KTM cables hit up against my Scotts damper. Thanks for the tip!

There was a photo of John Dowd's 520 in one of the magazines a few months ago, showing his bike with the GPR Damper mounted, and his throttle cables are routed just like stock. 2 zipties are used to keep the cables from hanging up on the damper or the damper post. I've been using this setup on my bike with no problems.

I read an earlier post regarding the wr426 cable working on ktm...i did install a wr cable on my 02 400exc (for the added length) ...and it seems to throttle sticking through the turn does seem a little too long as far as routing but works fine. i did not want to wait for the motion pro cable so decided to try this option...same price as motion pro and no wait. anyone else try this?

yes, i got them from a yamaha dealer, they are stock 02 wr426 cables...this a.m. i rerouted them in front of the right fork tube, then down through the gap between the radiators and the frame, just above the rad. mount bolt, this provided a more direct line to the carberator and absolutely no interference with steering and the tank goes on easier...i used a wire-tie hooked over the fuel vent "gromet" on the frame to keep the cables from moving around too much. one note on the grip end...i did have to nip off about a 1/ 32 of an inch of the plastic "posts" in the area where the two cables come together in the housing.


I finally installed the Motion Pro cables I got, (wr 426) and found that they were just too long. I could not adjust enough slack out of them to clean up the sloppy throttle feel. I could find no reasonable way to route them without binding. I also filed down some material off of the prongs, but found that the curvature of the throttle end plastics was to great and would not fit inside the metal housing w/o lots of pushing and encouragement.

My take on them is forget it. Not worth the time, money or effort.

I stole the throttle cables (Motion Pros)off my YZ426 and they work great, after a few modifications. I routed them in front of the handle bars, along the right side of the frame, between the radiator mounts. I also installed a clamp near the steering stop to help guide the cables. Perhaps the YZ cables are shorter.

Guys don't mean to sound like a know-it-all but,my dealer and I experimented with several cables, Yam., stock, and Motion Pro and I spent most of a day mounting routing and re-routing these cables and found the best fit (especially with a steering stab.) is motion-pro #10-077 ran between #plate and top triple c bring down right side of frame in the factory guides to carb. PERFECTION.

Phil...Been there done that.

I guess I just have perfect standards, but the cables are just too long for my tastes.

Anyone want a WR426 Motion Pro Cable? $12 shipped

I'll take 'em there, Mr. perfection! :D:D:D:)

Thanks for the info, Fish! I'll note that for my next replacements.

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Enduro Engineering has longer throttle cables that work well. Both on and go.

My Yamaha parts person told me the 02 yamaha throttle cables are a different part number and cost more than the 01 cables. I ordered a set of 01s just to have a backup for my Colorado trip but have not had to use them. So is it the 02 that are too long or are they all too long? I know the KTM cables are too short. That has been the case on every KTM 4 and 2 stroke I have seen. Many use CR250 Honda cables on their 2 smoke KTMs.

I routed my Stock KTM 520 cables around the front of the right tube by rotating the throttle housing upside down I think Jeb's picture showed how to do that.

I think I will swap the switch to the left bar which should put it upside down. The E button is too easy to hit accidently where it is on the right bar.

We had 3 bikes on the truck and one started up and was idling back there because the button got bumped in transit. Had the light not came on it might have been running for an hour before we noticed.

I have always run the stock cables. I turn my throttle tube so the cable(s) exit point is aft and down. I position the cable exit exit bend just below the starter button, this helps prevent inadvertent starter activation while riding in the nasties. I route the cable behind the Rt. fork tube under the top RT radiator mount and to the carb. Has worked great for the past year. :)

I run the Renthal black FAT bar which may be slightly narrower than stock.



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On the GPR damper I agree with Loopedout - used a few tie wraps near the the damper and zero problems.

Hey Victor- FYI on the subject of putting the e-button on the left side. I remember a post a while back from someone who did that and after a few water crossings and bike washings the button stopped working.

The problem: there is a drain hole in the bottom of the housing that when turned upside down becomes a fill hole.

The solution: would be to plug the old drain hole and make a new one.

When I moved my e-button to the left side I mounted it right side up. Why would anyone mount it upside down?

BTW I finally got my longer motion pro throttle cables from E.E. Their part # is PT#15-081.

They put their part # sticker over mp's but I was able to remove it to find the motion pro part # 10-0077.

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Allthough I have not tried to move mine, I was under the impression that the cable wasn't long enough, if you mounted it right next to the left grip, unless you turned it upside down.

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