High Speed Seize up TT350

While riding along a logging road today my rear tire locked up sending me into a freaky slide! After I stopped I checked the bike over and tried to start it back up but the kickstart was frozen.I tried to shift into neutral and found it to be very difficult. I did notice some sort of rattling prior to this lock up but attributed it to a loose muffler bolt...maybe it wasn't!

So after I got home I checked the plug and it looks fine. The bike had oil with no leaks and a week previous to this ride I just replaced the clutch including all plates, springs and cable.

At this point I have discovered the bike won' t shift gears and is now stuck in second gear but the clutch still works and I can roll the bike. Kickstart is locked up and won't move......good times! :bonk:

I can't help think that I screwed the clutch job some how!! I haven't had any problems with the motor the engine did run quite smooth no abnormal noises.The new clutch was working excellent no slipping and very smooth.

Anyone with similar problems or some technical knowledge please HELP! :applause: I am hoping to get an idea of what I am facing before I decide to send it a shop or investigate myself. I am hoping that my motor isn't torched!

Oh the bike is a Yamaha TT350 1986

Sounds like something bouncing around on the right side of the engine has wedged itself near the shifter pawl, and possibly near the kickstarter as well. Drain the oil, and remove the right side cover, taking careful note to see if anything looks missing, broken, etc. If it looks like it did when you put it back together after your clutch job, start removing the clutch assembly, making sure it is whole. Be nosy, and do a lot of looking around, for pieces that are jammed or wedged around all the moving parts. Save all the pieces that you find. By accounting for them, when you find out what let go, you can piece it back together with the remnants of the part that broke. If you still can't get it to shift or kick, chances are, there is something amiss inside the cases.

You can find an online microfiche diagram at PowerSportsPro, just go to the upper left corner for OEM-Stock Parts and go from there.

i would suspect the clutch too- if those bolts didnt get tightend they will unscrew and hit the inside of the cover. pop the cover off and check those too! i just picked up an old yz and it had something similar but the actuall clutch basket was loose and banging of the inside of the engine cover!

When you have the right side off, check the back side of the clutch basket. 4 dogs on the back side. I have had them break a corner off??

Good luck,

Corky :bonk::applause:

If I'm reading the original post correctly, the bike is stuck in second gear, but when you pull in the clutch lever you can roll the bike? If so, I believe you lost a lower con-rod bearing and / or one or both crankshaft bearings. Good luck.

Rattling could have been from a loose timing chain and engine munched a valve jamming everything.

Well thanks for the replies. I took things apart and discoververed the problem. The balancer gears exploded. One was missing a tooth the other was in 5 pieces. The kickstart shaft is bent and the decompression assembly is sheared off and several other gears will need replacement.I decided to take it to the bike shop for a more careful examination. Need to make sure no shafts are bent and no fractures in the case. I am just waiting to hear back from them on a cost to fix it. If the cost is high I think I will junk it for newer bike.

The good news though is the clutch is fine! :applause: ...lol

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