kx250 gas mileage

hey fellow smokers

just wanting to find out what gas mileage i would be getting on my 98 kx250

most my riding is moderate to fairly aggresive trail riding . im thinking about 50 miles to the dry or 25 to the gal

thanks guys

I ran out of gas on my 97 3 times.I got an ims 3.2 and problem solved.my kx was great but not great on mileage.40 mi on stock tank trail riding.

hey thanks mate,

40 miles aye, i better be careful then

Yeah I got about 40 miles on my stock tank, I added an icat and got much closer to 50 miles on the stock tank. I since then picked up a 3 gallon Clarke tank with shrouds from ebay, for $36 delivered :applause: , and I don't worry about running out of fuel now. I rode 53 miles on New Year's day and still had about 1/3 of a tank left.

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