pimpin peg riders

hey guys, i just got some new boots today, white gaerne sg10, i worn them around the house and they feel a loot better already then what my worn out sg1's feel like, cant wait to ride in them, if anyone else has some tell me how ya like them :applause::bonk:





i have a pair that have lasted all year through tons and tons of abuse, And i lOVE THEM

it was either these or the tech 10's and i can't wear a bootie because i have a really wide food. the gaernes are the best.

awesome glad to hear some good stuff about my new boots

im on my second pair of gaerne's, they are the best boot i've ever worn.

i just bought the white/carbon's

it was either these or the tech 10's

I'm thinking about the tech-10's for myself this season.

I got my SG-10's when they first came out, so I have had them almost 2 years now. I ride at least once a week and that is year round since we have no winter here. They are still going strong and look like new. The wear on the soles is not too bad either.

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