WR 426 spputter

I have a 02 WR 426, i have always had a small dead spot from idle. If i am at idle and crack the throttle fast it wants to stall. also at 1/2 throttle it has a sputter. My jetting is,




Needle is at #3

Screw out 1 3/4 turns

I am going to set needle at #4 and main up to 170. Am i going the right way? :applause:

I am at 1300 ft and usually ride when its between 30 and 80 degrees.

sputter usually rich!

Your pilot looks lean, which would give a dead spot.

Check the jetting sticky, people have got their 426's singing for sure. They use different leak jets and stuff, well worth a try. Just pick out one that has the same conditions as you! Easy!

i changed pilot to #45

main to #170

Started with 1 1/2 turn out on fuel screw and its to late to ride 2nite. But it sounded better no sputter. :applause:


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