Ftr Hs Class Question

I have raced a race in the beginner class and want to move up to the C Class. I am not sure if I would be in C 250 or C Open though. Can someone please help :applause: I have a YZ 426. Thanks :bonk:

Open C

Is there a way to get your bike number chosen/assigned to you before registration. I already have an FTR membership and all that good stuff.

That, I dont know. Have you checked their website? They have a forum there, I'm sure you could get all your questions answered.

C Open is a smaller class.

c open is fast if you are a beginner, it is better to ride the specialty classes if you can, ie. 35 C, senior c, master c, etc. best thing to do is call bonnie george, you can get her number off the ftr site. see ya at palatka!


ftr senior c

27C honda crf450r

How old is senior ?

35 and over is Vet

40 and over is Senior

45 and over is Super Senior

Dont rub it in. :applause:

couldn't they rename the classes from 35-39 to smart riders, 40-44 smarter riders and 45-up smartest riders, i really don't like being called a senior at age 40


Dam, imagine being called a SUPER SENIOR!!!!!!! Now that sucks for a 47 yr old!!!!

2 months and counting (in 4 days).

Don :applause:

btw, what would the Master class riders be ....Genius's?

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