yosh slip-on and FMF powerbomb

i finally got the powerbomb hooked up to the yosh. i bought the slip-on before i came to this site and now i really regret not buying the full system, so i thought my best option would be to get a aftermarket header. i went with the FMF powerbomb. i have a motarted 2000 S. the header is bigger in diameter than the stock S header and was to long to fit right up with the yosh. so first i had to cut the pipe down an inch then i had to take the sleeve out of the yosh to get the new header to fit. when i took the sleeve out now the yosh was to big. i got some steel tubeing and made my own sleeve. now it fits. such an ordeal. i know, i should of got the full system :applause::cry::bonk:

i just took it out for a ride but the ground was wet, a lot of wasted HP. i'll post some pic's and a review tomorrow. :cry:

i'm back. the header definetly makes a difference. i also put 41 tooth in the back, its much better in the street. i took some new pics check out my garage :applause:

im sure its much better than a stock S head pipe.

i also don't have as much poping coming from my pipe.

have you changed your jetting sinc installing the header? You may need to go with a bigger main jet (maybe that's why the poppings gone) and get more power. What did the pipe do for your power characteristics?

its already rejeted for a full system and i think its still kind of rich. the low to mid is a little more juicy. but i also just installed a 41 tooth in the rear so i think i balanced it out.

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