Slade's Hangover race?

Has any one raced this before?

Is anyone planning on racing on the first?

I'm thinking of racing it but not sure of the length or difficulty level as this would be my first competition.

Any info would be welcome.

I've checked the website but it didnt answer my questions

Never been but if you go let me know i might have to try it.

Dualsport I'm at least going. Probally racing. I drive a '98 Grand Cherokee and ride a blue DRZ-400s We'll most likely be with the group from Central Va Trail Riders as I'm attempting to join their club.What do you drive/ride?

I'm in Farmville,where are you out of?

Mike F.

I,ll be driving a green jeep cherokee,with a blue DRZ-400 coming from ashland

See you there. Funny, I used to work in Ashland and my first street bike was a Nighthawk.

the course is 6.5 miles.

The race is at 12 and ATV's race in the afternoon

Expect mud....

Trails should be open since ATV's will be running the same course (forums) has info on it.

All the classes are going at the same time so expect to get lapped by the AA guys (ie get out of the way)

I'll be there...

This will be my first time there, but ill be there... WITH VENGENCE,, j/k..

How many of y'all race VCHSS??

How many of y'all race VCHSS??

I do, its a lot of fun

Turned out pretty dry except for a few muddy spots. The four wheelers didn't run the same course as us.

Good time. Tough on a 300lb bike, but I'll do more. I didn't see any other dual sports out there. Are they uncommon at these races,what about a factory dualsport class? I rode 4-stroke c. I'll be in the vet class from here on out. I did get tired of people passing me,getting out of the way in thought woods is very costly in time and energy.I'm not complaining as I was no where near the top of my class.

I'm already considering a 300exc for racing but would have to give up the DRZ.

I should probally just loose 30 pounds of fat instead.I wonder how well I can do on a 300lb bike?Using the horn to pass is much more entertaining than hooting.

Good time was had, loved the trails...

Now to scrape the 20lbs of mud off the bike...

I snagged 2nd :applause:

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