xr650l different looking

That bike (the one on cycletrader) is at ron ayrs in Greenville NC, i was there today picking up parts and saw it.

My humble opinon, FUGLY, what a waste of a nice bike.... but then again as they say "to each his own"...

Looks like 18s front in rear on the cycletrader bike. I was thinking of doing that.

Hi mgs781,

Can you email PM me with all the parts to make my 650L look like yours?GREAT JOB!!!

You can jet for anthing; modified airbox, no airbox, no air cleaner... Personally, I think no airbox isn't the way to go.

Attached is my verson of the XR650L SM.



That is sweet, what forks are on there and how hard was the swap. Actually I would like to know about how hard it was to get the rear fender to work too. Thanks

Sorry should have read more, see you had a list already, would love to see more pics.

that things actually looks pretty tight if you ask me

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