ttr225 cold starting problems

Can someone help me out please. I have a 1992 225 that just does not start when it is cold. It is stock. I have cleaned the carb, lifted the needle one notch, new spark plug and changed the gas. I have to engage the starter for only a couple seconds (4-5) disengage the starter do this a few times and if I am lucky it will try to catch but if I hold the starter on when it starts to fire it won't. I have to release it and start again. If I even touch the throttle it dies immediately. It won't start by pushing it either I even pulled the darn thing behind my truck and it never started. Well? Has anyone had this happen to them, HELP!! If this keeps up the next time it gets towed by my truck with no one on it! HA!

I have heard that a 42.5 pilot jet will help with warming up even on an stock... :applause:

Thanks but that is what it already has. 122.5 MJ as well.

122.5MJ? i thought stock was 130 or did u change it?

Here are some items that I would check.

1. Make darn sure that the pilot jet is not plugged.

2. Check to make sure the passage for the choke (enrichner) is not plugged. This passage draws fuel from the float bowl and can sometimes get plugged.

3. Make sure the enrichner plunger is working correctly. This is easy to check by simply removing it from the carb body and doing a visual inspection.

4. Check to make sure the valves are set correctly. This one is very important! If the valves are too tight it will be very hard to start, especially when cold.

Most hard starting problems are caused by one of three things: low speed fuel circuit problems, Valves too tight or anything causing low compression, and finally weak ignition spark.

If this is a new problem that just recently occurred, I would think you will probably find the low speed fuel circuit or valve adjustment to blame. I hope this helps a bit.

1. Put choke on and try to start

2. put choke off give it gas then try to start

3. put choke on again and try to start

Hope this works cause it does with mine

Thanks guys. I will check and try the suggestions. I just got this bike so I haven't figured out its little quirks. As for the 122.5 that is what this bike came with,(Can.) version.

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