Bold Statement

I RARELY make bold statements. In fact I have not made one yet this decade, but I simply cannot resist. After three days at Hollister Hills (out of the last four days), I now have the new TE510 completely dialed. Today was the clincher - I was able to ride back to back to back to back with BillyD's perfect 300EXC. As anyone who frequents the KTM board well knows, I considered the 300EXC the best dirt bike ever created.

I can now boldly say that the honor falls to the Husky. It is the best dirt bike I have ever ridden, and it still has the DOT knobbies on it. A truly amazing machine. Peets Path (a legitimate black diamond for several miles for those of you not familiar with Hollister) looked like a war zone today with all the rain we have had. There were bikes scattered in all the nasty places. The Husky took bad lines and spontaneously created lines around the carnage, and never gave me so much as an anxious moment. I cannot recommend this bike enough. Husky WILL sell every single one of them once guys/gals get clued in.

Word up!

I am glad to see that you like the 510 so much. I considered one of those long and hard before setteling on a WR 450. The fact that they make a California DSer that actualy handles like a real dirt bike, almost put me over the top. I was afraid of lack of dealer support, otherwise I would have gone Husky. I truly hope they get more popular. I think there a great bike.

I tole ya.. the Wolf romps, rocks n rolls comfort power manages thru, over and around any and all technical stuff like hot syrup poured on a stack of hot buttered pancakes for starving children coming in from the 3rd world cold cruel world sitting down to enjoy their first time real home cooked breakfast. :applause:

Hollister is a fun place for the TE-510, single track nasty, double wide open trails, plenty hillclimbs and some MX track too all mixed in. Ride the Wolf!

I had the same reaction after taking the TE450 to one of my favorite technical riding areas. The bike made it all look easy. It combines the best of the four and two stroke worlds.

Dang, I guess I'm not the only one that knows the secret anymore.. Just don't tell anyone around here........ :applause::bonk::cry::cry::cry::p

Actually, I don't think the statement is too bold. I usually don't make statements like that because there are a lot of bikes I haven't ridden that I know are pretty darn good from reports. KTM 300 is a good example. I was thinking of trying one but since I spend so much time in the desert now, I opted for a 4 stroke.

Last Sunday my boys and I had a pretty good run which included some mountain single track. I was very impressed with the TE. Some of the trail sections included some very tight off-camber loop back sections. The 510 handled these trails perfectly! :applause: The power is so darn easy to use and it is so easy to be in the right gear that it makes these kinds of conditions a blast to ride in. :bonk:

I can't wait to try the 16CS and report back. So far though, I am loving this bike. :cry::cry::cry::p:lol::bonk::bonk:

i've been showing up at the races and lookin at everyone else and feeling sorry for them...its like cheating.

the TE 510 is so freakin fun its almost impossible to describe.

its by far the best kept secret in off-road.


Glad you have completed the transition, I have missed your Okley glasses over at KTM talk but the Husky product is jest plain better!

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