Another jetting question on my 06.

I put in the 48 pilot and a Zip ty screw. All else is stock on the settings.

I still get some popping on decel, not backfiring. It is just not as smooth as my 05. I have tried the screw frokm between 1 to 2.5 with no apparent change.

I was thinking of checking:

Float level

Air leak

Possibly the adjustable screw lost the oring?

Thoughts? Has anyone been able to remove the popping completely?

a slight pop on decel is perfectly normal.trying to eliminate it completely will result in to rich of pilot circuit in most cases.

Check the exhaust flange at the head and the seal where it meets the midpipe section. An exhaust leak will cause the poping.

As noted in another post I tried the 170 main and 48 pilot. I found the setup too rich for my elevation, ended up going 45 pilot and 168 main and about 2 on the fuel screw, It works pretty well for me. I think I will wait until I put after market exhaust on it in order to go to the 170/48 route. Maybe it will help you.

A question I have, is some popping on decel normal for the YZ? On my WR I dont have this popping at all and the bike runs great. I thought it may have something to do with the YZ timing??

I can say it runs awesome otherwise. No problems.

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