Question on lifting weights/ arm numbness

I started lifting heavy a month ago or so. You know it's the off season. But I have continued to ride a lot, twice a week for 4 hours a pop. Race pace (always).

Anyways my arms have been getting numb at night especially the nights I ride. I have always had some tingling or numbness when I ride but it seems worse when I lift. Particulary pulling excercises like back.

Should I avoid certain types of weights?

Race season starts again in a little over a month.

Stats in case it matters:

Age 36

Weight 170


I used to get that too, right before I got major results. At first, I couldn't sleep b/c my hands would fell like they're asleep, then I slowed the pace down to lower body workouts and I got SERIOUS results. Every1 noticed a change. Hopefully, the same will happen for you! :applause:

I was doing mostly chin-ups, dumbells, and other hand/forearm/shoulder/chest exercises.

oh yea, remember the more your muscles hurt and the more you wanna cry, the better and more efficient your becoming.

Depends though on his age (I know 36 is not old but better safe than sorry). Is it a numb/dull feeling only or is it more like a tendon numbness? If you push in certain spots can you feel uncomfortable pressure?

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