00' XR 400 Black tank

Where can I find a Black standard size fuel tank for my XR, I was thinking about changing to Black Plastic this year.

acerbis makes one i believe. thats the only thing i didnt change to black on my bike. instead, i just added a one industries graffix kit adn saved myself like $250. check it out in my garage. with the money you save by going that route, you can drop that extra cash into the engine or suspension

nice usd forks, as well. to me it just looks incomplete with a red tank. maybe if you had a white tank with the black graphics on it it wouldn't look that way. sick bike, though.

Nice bike cdn.

Whose rear fender is that and what are the details on the front end.

polisport makes the rear fender and acerbis makes the front fender. the front end swap is from a 1991 CR500. i used the CR triples and forks. had it sent to a shop to have a custom fit spacer to make the stock XR steering stem fit into the CR triple clamp. after that is was a direct bolt on except for a new CR caliper mount i needed to buy to hook up the front brakes. and i bought it all for $180 canadian plus some cash for the machining. ride on



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