Excess oil 05' YZ450F

Yesterday after riding a moto, I checked the oil. I had just done an oil change before riding, and when I opened the dipstick oil came gushing out. I thought something must be plugged in the system, so I pulled the oil filter to make sure it is in right, it was (can't go in the wrong way). I pulled the oil screen and it is clean. After I went home I drained all of the oil and refilled with 1000cc and everything is normal. When I change the oil I only pull the plugs on the bottom end, not the frame as it never has any oil left in it when cold. I think there must have been oil in the frame from when I changed it and then over filled when I serviced it.

I know the error of my ways now (warm up the bike and drain the frame also), but I just want to see if anyone has any other ideas about why the frame would have some much oil in it. The bike ran perfectly the entire time, and didn't belch any smoke or do anything abnormal.

Sorry about the lengthy description. Any other ideas?

. well ive never personally had that problem..

my method is this

warm up bike. ride around the block or let idle for a bit . . .

drain the frame first. (billy who man funnel) helps a LOT. you should get one there less than 20 bucks. they also make a really killer oil change bottle thats labeled for oil changes with and without filter . so you can never get the wrong amount of oil in your bike. and dont have to keep messing with the dip stick.

then drain the cases. ( i change oil filter every other oil change)

then refill wiht proper amount of oil.

replace oil filler cap. and start the bike. let run for a bit. not too short of of a time . dont want to foul your plug.. then check the oil level with the dipstick.

should be fine.

check out the bottles and funnels here . http://billywho.com

If you were doingyour oil changes according to the manual (run the engine before changing), almost all the oil would be in the frame. That's where it belongs in operation, and only when it sits for an extended period does it all leak past the oil pump and back to the cases. In your case, the period wasn't extended quite enough, that's all.

Since it's a dry sump system, the extra oil won't change anything about how the engine runs until there's too much total oil to fit in the tank. It will then be forced back through the vent line to the cam box, and cause oil out the breather, smoking, etc., but no permanent harm.


I appreciate your input; knowledgeable and informed, as usual. Thanks,


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