ready filters?

hey guys,

I was at the shop picking up my new works connection eleite perch today

and had some balance left on my gift card. so i picked up a ready filter air filter. Only 9 bucks so i figured would not hurt to have a back up to put in the tool box when i go out riding in case i need to change my twin air.

has anyone used these for any period of time. anyone had any problems with them. they seem cool come pre oiled and ready to install. no mess and come in air tightshrink wrap package easy to store. suposed to be oiled with Maxxima air filter oil . . . figured a back up wouldnt hurt to have around or to use it inbetween cleanings .

I asked this question a few weeks ago. I read enough positvie feedback that I bought 2 Ready Filters to try. I haven't tried one yet because I haven't ridden.

Take a look at this website:

For $1 more you get a filter with a 6 month warranty. It appears to be affiliated with No Toil but I'm not 100% positive. I've got one on the way so I guess I'll find out.

We've used for about a year now, no problems. We clean them with Castrol Super Soap and have never had any tear or come apart.


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