Team kawasaki graphics

does anyone know who makes team kawasaki's graphics now cause when it had the articles on the 2006 factory effex team, team kawasaki wasnt listed there, and i wanna get a set of 2006 team kawasaki graphics for my KX250 if they will make them for that bike. :applause:

Lots of splash about the renewed and longstanding relationship between kawi and factory effex.

It's them give then a call.

so u reckon its facotry effex?

I recon

ive been goin to factory effex's website every day, but still nothin new yet. i hope they do sponsor kawasaki even if they dont do graphics for the KX250, or i wont be able to get the 2005 team kawasaki KX250 graphics anymore. I cant get the chevy trucks ones cause chevy trucks dont sposor kawasaki anymore, so they dont make those graphics anymore.

they are still with kawi...i got an email like 2 weeks ago from factory effects saying they are still gunna be there sponsor

any one seen the 06 monster energy graphics, they will probely be a good set to get

any one seen the 06 monster energy graphics, they will probely be a good set to get

Factory Effex has the monster energy graphics!

I'm thinkin n-style has monster and one ind., also (at least these guys did last year). i have the "kfx sr" shroud graphics only on order w/ f-x for my 450, due in 1st of year. when i called factory effex they said they have the full team kit and/or just shrouds available around the 1st of the year. call 'em and get a part #. also, if you have a f-x part # you can get them thru tucker rocky if it is any easier for you.

I reckon so...


Found this on RacerXcanada:

Factory Effex Teams with Kawasaki

at Dec 23, 2005 1:11pm

Valencia, Calif. – Factory Effex is pleased to sponsor team Kawasaki for the 12th consecutive season.

Factory Effex has been proud to be a long-term part of a team that boasts a very prestigious history in the sport of Motocross. Throughout our relationship, we have been fortunate enough to work with the likes of Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael, Mike LaRocco, Ezra Lusk, Mike Kiedrowski, Ryan Hughes and John Dowd.

”We are really excited to continue our relationship with Team Kawasaki,” said Scott Gilly, V.P. of Sales. “With Mike Fisher in his first year of management with the team, he is continuing to move Kawasaki forward as the leader in Motocross racing. We had an interesting experience helping what most likely will be the best rider of all time through one of the most difficult decisions of his career. When James Stewart decided to change from number 259 to 7, we were heavily involved in the design of the number. The process was exciting and very dynamic. In addition, we have also reengineered the number 26 for Michael Byrne, giving him a new look for his marketing endeavors.”

With Stewart’s performance in the Canadian Supercross rounds and the rejuvenated riding style Byrne has found on the new Kawasaki KXF450SR, we are looking forward to another great season of racing with Team Kawasaki.

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