HELP W/2003 cr85r

Need some sons 85 with just rebuilt(top end -everything), while he has been breaking it has been fauling plugs like crazy. The mix is 32-1,going to change to 40-1. see if that helps..but here is the prob

if I put a new plug fires right up..runs for about an hour or more then "bogs" down and quits...Put another new plug in..same thing..

The plugs come out a little oily...try to clean them and use again but now it wont fire or do anything.

Should I pull the top end apart again???

ive been having the same problem with my 2004 cr 125. ive heard some people mixing 50:1. it could also be the carburator might want to try difforent needles.

What type of mix are you using? If your using something like Mutol(like I use), you will have that same problem because you can go up to 52:1(I go to 42:1). So something like 32:1 will make the plug is very oily. I do know that the 1st 2 hours of a new top-end is the most important. If the bike has never been fauling plugs before the rebuild, then most likely your okay. It is for sure better to see a little oil on plug then to see it white and dry.

Also, for those oily plugs..........a little gas on them and blow them off with air compressor does wonders. :applause:

Just a thought.......use a hotter plug. :bonk:

The solution is when I had my cr85 it would do the same thing. They ask for a br10eg I think and I put a br9eg and u can even use an br8eg. If its bad then use the 8 it will not hurt.

.......use a hotter plug.....

i did this with my 04 . we went up to a mx shop and the dude gave us a hotter plug and it worked perfect

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