Pics of my 1997 CR250 (sad to say I have to sell it)

Here are a few pics of my 97 cr250 I took the other night. I think the turned out decent considering it was dark out and I didnt have much room to work with in my garage. I am sad I have to sell it though, this bike was/is my pride and joy, but I have to get $ to pay off my 450.






nice bike shame u gotta sell it

Wow, that's a nice clean bike, especailly since it's 9 years old.

That bike looks awesome.

Thanks, like I said I loved this machine and kept it as nice as possible.

nice bike, first year aluminum frame eh?

Yep 97 was

Hopefully I can get my 450 to look just as sweet. I am waiting for March to get graphics so I can see all what is offered for the new year.

Great looking bike for a 97.

Nice for a 97

Wasnt 97 the first year that they came out with the AF? :applause:

Nice for a 97

It would still be nice even if it was a 2006!

My friend has a 97, its no way near that clean.

Thats a nice clean bike :applause:

Nice bike I would :applause: if I had to sell it ....

that is impressive. $1900 is a steal for a bike that clean

Great looking bike!

It would still be nice even if it was a 2006!

I actually hear that alot. I have to say that along with being super anal, not having much time to ride it that often helps too. Thanks all for the props!!!

damn the guy that reminded me 97 was nine years ago :applause:

Nice Looking Bike.

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