Coolant Hoses

Is there anything special about coolant hoses on these bikes as opposed to buying hoses from Autozone or somewhere like that? :cry::applause::bonk:

Nothing magic. Just cost more. Head to O'Reilly's.

If your talking about the colored hoses, the advantage is they look freakin cool :applause: I talked to the guy from WMR yesterday and he has some of the YZF hoses on back order for me.

Yeah, I wanted to buy some colored ones, just wasn't sure if there was anything different. Thanks

the colored ones are made of silicone they are insulated so it cant block heat from the motor better...there is a possible chance that it flows better because of the material but i doubt it

I saw a guy in the pro class this past weekend that had clear hoses, but they were like bendable, like a siphon hose. but idk never seen them b4.

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