Hot Cam vs. Yoshi Slip On

I was wonderin which would give me more power...the Hot Cam or Yoshimura TRC Slip On

Im leanin towards the Hot Cam since its $100 cheaper :thumbsup:and then i can have the extra 100 to spend on a Power Now or Boysen Quick Shot...but I will probably get which ever will give me the best performance.

Neither with your setup. Do the ccc mods first, remove the baffle from the exhaust, and do the Hot CAM, stage I. And after that a new exhaust. I would think that would be your biggest bang for the buck. Not much sense in doing a hotcam without the ccc mods. Motor cant breathe.

I've ordered the JD Jet Kit and I'll cut the top of air box when that gets here. Is there anyting else it will need to see a performance gain from a cam or Slip-On???

...also which jetting would be better...The Needle and Jets suggested in the CCC mods or a JD Kit??

Looks like the right direction. I think re jetting is the deal not what kind. Don't forget to change the leak jet and remove the backfire screen. Do a search on jetting and you will see what we are running with the hot cam.

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