Minimum Chain links needed w/13-47 combo

It's time to replace the OEM chain and sprockets on my DRZ. I plan on using the 13-47 combo and possibly swap out the 13 for a 14 occasionally.

Anyone got an idea how long the chain needs to be? I'd like to use as little as possible to make for as short a wheelbase as possible.

....and while I'm asking questions - does the master link count as one of the links? IOW, if someone suggests 112 links - does that mean 112 links plus the master link = 113?

I used 112 links for this combo. that includes the master (only even number allowed due the inner outer links. I know I will catch hell for this in this forum but I run two masters with a link between. That way I can easly remove two links to go to the 41 rear and add two for the 47 rear. I did this for many years on my old kz750 without much trouble (for many thousands of hard miles). I had two rears for that too for the occasional long haul and the moslty round town. The two I used happen not to use the same chain size. Not enough room either way for the CS on that bike.

i use the stock length with 13 48

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