CRF450R Tools

I attempted to dissamble the bottom end on my 2003 CRF450R recently and was was disappointed to find that the balancer shaft nut is a special and requires a special tool. I tried to buy one from Service Honda and was informed that they can't get these from Honda. I also tried to buy both sizes of gear holders and they couldn't get these either. Were are you guys getting these special tools?

Thanks, Caveman

I did not want to buy that socket so I sacrificed a 3/4" socket and cut slots into it. It took maybe 5 minutes to make the tool (if you have a cut off wheel).

I just doubled up a rag and put the big lockpliers on it. Worked great and left no marks. Making a tool out of a cheap sprocket is probably the best way to go though, espically if your going to torque it correctly.

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