Tool Kit Recommendations

I always ride trails and desert, never on the track. I feel like I have been taking a big risk by riding off without anything to prepare me for accidents or failures while out on the trail.

I always have a toolbox in my truck, but I am setting up a toolkit to keep in a fender bag on the WR450 and could use some recommendations.

What do you guys recommend. All I know is what I use to do my oil changes.

Here's what's on my list so far. What should I add to it.

Wrenches 8, 10, 12 mm

Sockets 8, 10, 12, 18, 22, 27 mm

Ratchet and Breaker bar

Flat and Phillips screwdrivers

Extra Tube (what size????)

2 Tire irons

Tie Wraps

Electrical Tape

JB Weld

What else would you guys carry for the WR450? I am planning to enter an enduro soon and want to have everything that I need. But... I probably need these things regardless of entering the enduro.

Question: how do I inflate the tube after changing it? CO2?

Thanks for any advice.

Sounds like you got it covered, yes CO2 is what you'll need to inflate the tube. Don't forget a cell phone, I always carry a phone with me.

If you've got an extra $50 to blow, get the motion pro aluminum tire irons that havea wrench on the other end. You buy one to fit the axle nut and one with a 12/13mm wrench for the nut on the valve stem/rim locks.

Also add a chain breaker and a spare master link. I also carry the small chain press tool that is needed to press on the side plate of the master link for your o-ring chain. Rocky Mtn. Cycle has one that's about $9.99 and is basically the same as the $20 motion pro version.

Carry a spare front tube--if you get a rear flat it can be run in the rear tire to get you through the day.

I like my mountain bike pump as an air supply--it never runs out of cartridges. In a race, I would use CO2.

I don't carry patches, but after the Malcolm Smith "no wimps" ride--where I got 2 flats in one day--now I want to. What brand / type of patches work well on a motorcycle tire?

There was a thread a while back where we all listed pretty comprehensive kits. Do a little search and I'm sure you'll find it. Use my name and "baby-wipes" in the search criteria...don't ask...SC

I carry the following items in my fannypack: an extra sparkplug in a plastic plug holder and sparkplug socket, vice grips pliers, multi-tool, mini T-handle and 1/4" drive sockets 6, 8, 10, 12, 6-in-1 screwdriver, matches, wire, 3-in-1 allen (bicycle type) metric wrench, misc. nuts and bolts.

You have a good list for tool pack but I would jettison the 3/8" drive ratchet and breaker bar, big sockets and replace it with a combination wrench that has a 22mm on one end and tire iron on the other end. I would go to 1/4" drive and 1/4" sockets. If you're going to carry an inner tube, carry a 21" tube it will fit your 21" and your 18" or 19" rim in a pinch. You can inflate your tube with either C02 or carry a mini bicycle pump. PM if you have any more questions.

cold beer usually gets me outta any situation. I try and carry as much as possible :applause:

I just got a cute 'rider wrench' by Fredrette/Moose via dennis kirk. 27&13/16this on one end, 17 on the other. Works for the rear axle nut and the carb float bowl/jet change. A lot cheaper than the tire iron wrenches which I drooled over then frugalized away from. Vice grips/crescent wrench didn't offer enough clearance for the carb plug. Also got an 8/10/12 Y wrench which is small and amazingly effective.

Things not otherwise mentioned:

I carry a pill bottle of nuts& bolts

spare hose clamps on the handlebars

individual wrap handi wipes


tow strap (it's for my buddies, not cause I do my own maintenance, honest!)

Try a tool kit from Not as pricey and contains the basic tools that you might need.

There was a thread a while back where we all listed pretty comprehensive kits. Do a little search and I'm sure you'll find it. Use my name and "baby-wipes" in the search criteria...don't ask...SC

baby wipes a must! They are awesome for cleaning your face and grease and oil off stuff.

I also carry a few pair of Permatex blue heavy duty latex gloves in my pack (when i take my pack) they are small and weigh nothing and fit anywhere a lot better than getting super dirty and disposable and when you get up and riding you dont get greese on your glothes from wiping it off or inside your gloves.

a box of 50 pair was like $4 dollars at my local auto parts place(kragen)

I always carry pepper and soap too.

pepper if I ever get a radiator fracture, and soap will last for ages in a slpit case.

Don't forget toilet paper, you'll be glad you have when the urge occurs! You can find small travel rolls at most drug stores.

All of this are great tips :bonk:

Personally I carry a tube of super duty silicon takes care of multiple things.

Here's my set. Buy a small fishing tackle box from your local sporting good's store and keep all the little items that would role around your bag in there.


Here's what its in it.


The bigger tools i carry in my pack.

This is a neat little trick for those with fender bags.

drill some slots in your fender(If you don't mind) mark the length of the hook, drill a multiple holes in a row, then just simply move the drill side to side till you have a slot.


Lost a bag early this season with about 100 bucks of tools and tire repair kit. If you do this make sure to bolt the sucker down...extra security :applause:



You cant forget the basics :bonk:

Duct Tape, Bailing Wire, and Vice Grips :applause:

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