Pitster Questions

Jetting - What jetting are you all running at sea level on your Pitster 125's? I am pretty hopeless when it comes to jetting a bike. The bike feels good the way it is, but maybe it can be even better?

JT Sprockets - Is this the correct one to fit the Pitster?


I just got a 97.5 main (95 is stock) for my 06 Pitster. Putting it in today. I tried a 100 main and was too rich. The front sprocket should work. They take a Z50 countershaft sprocket. I do not know about the rear though. Good luck! Also I am about 550 feet above sea-level.

the rear wont fit..the front will....here are sprokets that will fit..38-48 teeth..i bought there 38t its reallly nice im running 16/38 which is closest ratio to 15/37 what everyone runs on crf50's with 88 kits


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