Any Gold Coast/ South Brisbane Riders

I have recently moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

Does anyone have info on enduro riding in th Gold Coast Area (within 100km radius???)

Im riding a registered XR600 and am finding it hard to find out where to ride.

If anyone is into this type of riding, it'd be great to go riding with you

I'm 35 yrs old........not really the Crusty Demon type of rider, but can handle a bike....

Any info would be great

check out plenty qld riders of all levels there.

Hi there GR Force.

I live in Brisbane ( South East ) I ride out at Black duck valley which is about 135km from Brissy so not far at all from the Gold Coast. I ride a wr250f, unregistered, modded to a YZ, Im not into all the crusty demons style riding but i like to have a good tackle of all the trails and the motocross track everynow and again. You can also try riding at glass house mountains which is north of Brisbane the riding is fantastic up there. It is in state forest and you do need a registered bike the alot of riders go without, The rangers are fairly slow and cant enforce a fine......... :applause: They may give it too you but if you dont pay no cop comes knocking on your door. ( Know from expierience )

try this site out they organise trail ride events around the coast and brisbane on private property's cost $20 but you will love it...

Thanks for all your help guys.

I went to Mt Mee last week and had a ball.

I'll check out all the sites/info youve given me.

5th gear back wheel XR600

we ride "mt mee" a fair bit, im from the sunshine coast and have alot of mates down in brissy "mt mee" is one of my mates local tracks we ride there from his house! 20 mins:)

as far as the enduro scene goes we go to most of them and im sorry to dissapoint yu, but they are alot farther than your hopeing for, but well worth it:) there is a few up[ this way which would be closest for you!

check out "dolby moto" not sure of their site but they do most of the rides in queensland , but youl need to ute your bike to them they tend to be far away!!

we do a fair bit of beach riding up here also, so if your interested in that or mt mee just drop me a "private message":)


mate there is a lot of organised rides up here get onto the dalby moto website it will give u a list of upcoming rides and go to the killarney border ranges trail ride it's the ride of the year!!!! also up in maleny this yr the trail ride is back on!! look out for flyers later on the track is goin to be awesome!!!

Also live on Gold Coast ,doing top end rebuild on ktm 620.Will be running it in on weekend at a new ride at Inglewood {3hrs from gold coast} come along if keen .

I know the coast well. definately like to show you some local rides. I work nights

and never work reply,we'll arrange a meet{also have rego}.

FESTA--as in rot--

I think you should all try the tracks around in Queensland. Jump on to Motorcycling qld and go to culb contacts and the list of moto clubs is huge.. If you are really keen there are sup regs for comps and other useful info. I myself am at Oxley/Stanmore/Wynnum/Dalby/Toowoomba tracks on a reqular basis let me know if your keen to catch up for a ride if you can keep up!! haha..

P.s- you will need a day licence or hold a national licence to ride at these tracks! :thumbsup::ride:

Me and a mate have DR650's but he is often busy. I am on the Gold Coast. I've been riding for years, but conservative enough not to break myself for self employed work on monday. Coloured sands beach is good as is the border ranges. Most of the islands such as north stradbroke, morteon are fun too. Not sure about bikes on them recently. Did a nice ride (300km return) to Canarvon Gorge in northern NSW a few months ago. Good open dirt roads and 13 creek crossings each way.

wow! Quick replies in this thread! should ask for our own Australia Sub section!

I'm in bris (close to the city) and am about to get my hands on a drz400 and am looking for some tracks and people to ride with. Pretty much a massive noob on dirt, and even on a bike for that matter but love the thrill!

ADVrider are doing alot of trails around bris, mainly north side stuff but it looks pretty good from what I've seen. If anyone posts a ride up (or knows a good noobie track) in the next month I'm well keen to tag along and check it out :thumbsup: My best mate has a xr600 he's just rebuilt and is pretty much a noobie like me, so no doubt we'll both be up for it

yup, ADV do a regular noobie ride, so do DBW, normally leaving from the beginner carpark at Beerburrum. Check em out. Im out recovering from a broken leg (vid on youtube!) at the moment but will be beck in the mud early next year!

Gents, we looking for more keen riders around Brissy, we ride pretty much every weekend!

A bunch of 450's

A few 250's

And a couple 2 bangers

If you can start the bike you welcome to come ride with us :-)

Hit us up if you keen and we can make a plan..

Gents, we looking for more keen riders around Brissy, we ride pretty much every weekend!

A bunch of 450's

A few 250's

And a couple 2 bangers

If you can start the bike you welcome to come ride with us :-)

Hit us up if you keen and we can make a plan..

hey, are you guy's still doing this?

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