Tool Kit Recommendations

I always ride trails and desert, never on the track. I feel like I have been taking a big risk by riding off without anything to prepare me for accidents or failures while out on the trail.

I always have a toolbox in my truck, but I am setting up a toolkit to keep in a fender bag on the WR450 and could use some recommendations.

What do you guys recommend. All I know is what I use to do my oil changes.

Here's what's on my list so far. What should I add to it.

Wrenches 8, 10, 12 mm

Sockets 8, 10, 12, 18, 22, 27 mm

Ratchet and Breaker bar

Flat and Phillips screwdrivers

Extra Tube (what size????)

2 Tire irons

Tie Wraps

Electrical Tape

JB Weld

What else would you guys carry for the WR450? I am planning to enter an enduro soon and want to have everything that I need. But... I probably need these things regardless of entering the enduro.

Question: how do I inflate the tube after changing it? CO2?

Thanks for any advice.

I use the Michelin Bib Mousse for my rear wheel (here in France), do not know if they are allowed in the US. In my bags: Super-Glue, Swiss-Knife, a mountain-bike pump, front-wheel tube, chain-key (right word?), spare chain attach (right word?) , long bicycle brake cable and those "to screw-endings", spare levers, tube repair foam for quick fixing, and the other things you mentioned. Sometimes a Cellular Phone. Next thing will be a GPS. Important: I' m rarely alone on the tracks.

In addition to what you have listed, I would add a compact first aid kit, a small spool of stovepipe wire, some duct tape, a good multi-tool such as a Leatherman, a pair of spare levers, a spare spark plug, a zip-loc bag filled with baby wipes and a patch kit. I carry a good quality compact bicycle pump strapped to the frame, it takes a while, but works every time. All this crap is a PITA to carry around, but when you're lame out in the middle of Bumf*** Nowhere, you'll be happy to have it.

I don't bring any more tools than listed above, but along the lines of first aid, I always bring pain killers :applause:

What are the baby wipes for? Just to clean my hands after working on the bike?

What are the baby wipes for? Just to clean my hands after working on the bike?

The word "wipe" says it all.

did anyone mention a motion pro chain break.also carry a front 21in tube as you can use it for either front or stuff it in for a rear.I carry a small assortment of metric hardware(nuts and bolts).An extra master link.if you break a chain you can use it to patch it wire to mend what can't be bolted back together.get a c02 mini pump.carry several spare canisters.large gauze pads and good sized band a set of barkbusters and you won't have to worry about broken perches or master cylinders or broken the cold months I also carry a survival blanket.its basically just an aluminum sheet and it's like a 3inx3inx1/2in in size when new and unfolds to 4x6 feet.carry a map of the area you plan on riding.this can aid you or other people you coma accross.

I carry a leatherman with an adapter to hold 1/4" bits. you will need allen wrenches too.


I carry one of these

Comes pretty complete in a nice fanny pack thats pretty confertable to wear

Don't forget some $$$. It can come in real handy to be able to buy a quart of oil, etc out in the middle of East Bumf***.

I recommend the bicycle pump, I have an aluminum 'double action' (pressurizes on both the in and out stroke) that'll inflate a rear tire fairly quickly and weigh nearly nothing. CO2's are great, unless they leak down. Unfortunately, if they do, you are stuck.

I believe our French friend is recommending a master link and some spare clips (make sure they are the right pitch. Don't ask how I know. :applause: ), and something that can grind/file away the peened over part of a chain link pin. Usually a good Leatherman will have a file that can do this, you just have to be patient.

Carry a one of the TrailToolz toolkits. You can find them at . Also, take a look at this list, it might have some other things you might want to consider:

1. Spark plug wrench that fits your bike.

2. Spare Spark Plug for the bike you are riding.

3. Chain Repair Kit (Spare master link, Spare Clip, a few spare links, Chain Breaker).

Matches or a lighter.

4. Large Zip Ties.

5. Duct Tape (You can wrap a foot of it around a wrench to save space).

6. Hi temp epoxy putty (like JB weld but, dries quick and doesn't run).

7. About 6 feet of aluminum wire equivalent (something that will bend and not break).

8. Electrical Wire (for electrical repairs or can be used to clean out a clogged jet).

9. Leatherman multi- tool or equivalent.

10. Tire repair kit (Patches, Glue, small tire Irons, small pump or CO2 filler, small bottle of dish soap (to lube the bead and to clean up afterward).

11. Axle wrench (front & rear combo).

12. Light duty front innertubes (light duty to limit weight

and space).

13. Homemade radiator bypass kit (so you can bypass one of the two if you put a hole in it).

14. Tow Strap.

15. e clip for the carb needle - awful easy to lose this baby, taped to the spare plug holder.

16. Spare thingy that inside the valve on a tire tube - same idea, wrapped in tape.

17. About 3 feet of spare fuel line (can be used for repairs or to siphon gas in a pinch).

18. Small flashlight.

19. Washcloth or shop rag.

20. Plastic Gloves.

21. Emergency contact numbers/ Name, address, D.O.B., etc.

22. 800mg Ibuprofen.

23. Also suggest you paint the tools bright yellow – so you can find them in the dirt.


For my WR450 tool kit, I went with the Motion Pro tire tools that have axle wrenches on the ends of them. I got a 22mm and a 27mm...this will eliminate the big sockets you have on your list, and the breaker bar. Also, I'm carrying the Motion Pro folding T handle with 8,10,12,14mm sockets, this eliminates your ratchet handle. To that I've added 1/4" drive phillips and will add some 1/4" drive hex tools also so that the T handle is now my screw driver and hex driver. Then I carry the 10mm and 12mm open end wrenches for my chain adjusters and I've got about everything I need to fix a flat or adjust my chain, re-position handlebars, controls, remove seat, etc... My objective for my tool kit is small and light, and the WR450 doesn't require that many tools for trailside repair.

I carry spare 21" tube, patch kit, and a bicycle pump as well as a Leatherman in my Camelback.

Hope that helps.

You should always be able to ride 25 miles back to your truck with flat front or rear tire. So for cross country or enduro competition I think you guys are going quite a bit overboard. When racing all out you do not want to be slowed or worn out by lugging unnecessary tools and supplies. Too many of these rec'm are essential for cross country exploration but bad advice and unnecessary for competition with 50 mile max loops. Prepare your bike correctly and get the bod in shape and just go racing. No big deal.

definatly add some extra levers, they snap easy

not if you have bark busters!!!

not if you have bark busters!!!

what are bark busters

I personally hate to where fanny packs so I found a website that makes some great fender bags, This guy makes a great rear fender bag. I bought the cordura bag, for $25, and I can fit everything I need into it. The nice thing about it is the external compression straps which hold everything in place.

I like the idea of a light tool pack.

but... riding 25 miles or so on a flat?????

Is this really possible?

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