CRF 450X Questions

I am sure it has been asked and I have looked up some of the things on this forum but is there a complete list of mods for a 05 CRF450X. I just bought the bike today and plated it today and when I was riding it around it felt nothing like my 02 crf 450r. It is much stiffer the throttle responce sucks it has a dead spot in or around second gear, which i have since fixed (pink wire mod) hopefully. and it backfires like a SOB.. I also am intrested in a must have and do list for the bike. I hope i like riding this one on the street as much as my old one. Thanks for any help. Ill post pics soon.

Sounds like your first move needs to be the JD jetting kit, and an aftermarket fuel (pilot jet) screw for the carb. These bikes come WAYYYYY lean from the factory.

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