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TTR 225 Needs help

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Ok, I have a 1992 225 Serrow( whatever) I live in B.C. Canada and I ride in elevations ranging from sealevel to 4,000 ft in the same day. My biggest problem is starting my bike when it is cold. You can turn it over all day and it just won't start, I even tried pulling it with my truck and that never work either. New plug, gas and carb cleaned. It comes stock with a 122.5 M.J.

and 42.5 P.J. I raised the clip one notch. I have read lots of posts here and really don't know where to start. The plug looks black but no residue. I have seen post going up to 132 on the M.J. But as far as I figure the P.J. is more likely to effect the start up rather than the M.J. Help! P.S. when it does start I can't touch the throttle or it dies. Come on someone out there can help me, right?

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