Engine Clean Out Stuff

Anyone use any of that engine clean out stuff, its supposed to clear out any gunk in an engine. You just add some of it to your gas. I know people use it on cars, but has anyone used this on there dirtbike? If so did it help any, Increase performance, Decreace engine noise, or do any thing?


use marvel mystery oil, the military used to use it back in the day and its been around since the 40's...i run a lil bit in my 250F every once in awhile...get it at ur local auto parts shop...its supposed to help clean out any carbon build up etc in 4-stoke motors

I also use Marvel Mystery Oil. Not to clean out the inners of the engine, but as a upper lube in my Vintage bikes. But it gets used in he newer bikes too. I use 1 ounce Marvel per gallon of gas.

ive never used it in my gas but marvel mystery oil is great. i use it for everything else

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