Wet weather gear?

Hi Northwesters,

I'm thinking about getting some new wet/winter riding gear, I figure you guys would know what works best. Ideally I would want it to be waterproof, breathable, long lasting, etc. Looking at MSR Storm jacket and ISDE pants.

Any thoughts?


I had a pair of moose pants (the more expensive ones). They lasted 1 month. I had the rocky mountain pants they lasted 6 rides and the seams gave out. I just bought the msr isde pants and the dealer guaranteed that they would not rip or tear. He said that no one has ever had problems with them and that he would take them back if they failed on me. That was enough to convince me. I now have about 7 rides on them and they are doing well. Awesome mobility. Waterproof and the fact that the bottom has a cinch strap is invaluable. I ride 3 days a week so you can check back with me in a few weeks when I get more rides on them to be sure. If anyone will break or ruin stuff it will be me. As for the jacket right now I am using a mountain hardware gore tex jacket. When it gives out I will buy the msr jacket if the pants hold up. The secret to keeping your feet dry and warm is to put them in trash bags. You have to use heavy duty ones that are small enough so that you don't have a lot of extra material. You just put your sock on and then on go the trash bags, then into the boot. Even if they get holes in them and your feet get wet they will stay warm.

Excellent, thank you, I will check back with you. Anyone else have any input?



I have the MSR ISDE pants and ISDE Pack-jacket (the lightweight windbreaker kind). They're great! The pants don't seem to keep me 100% dry but it's kinda hard to stay dry when you're riding through gas tank deep puddles. :applause:

But overall, I'm impressed with the durability and comfort of everything.



I tried the MSR gear (pants $120, jacket $180) I liked how the jacket stuffed into its own fanny pack when not in use. Third ride seem blew out on the jacket and I had to do a shoe goo fix. Pants are very comfy for h2o proof they lasted for about a year then I had to tape them up gheto style.

I think I'm going to try the Moose gear next. Good luck :applause:

Maybe we should just make our gear outta duct tape to begin with?


I'm thinking about getting some new wet/winter riding gear, I figure you guys would know what works best.


Search this forum using the keywords "staying dry". THat should bring up a lengthy thread with many opinions on what to wear. Look for the common thoughts.

I just picked up a new set of military issue Gortex pants and jacket,,, they work perfect. here is a pic of a guy with the same gear IMG_5283.jpg


I considered the MSR gear for wet weather, and I've heard mostly good reviews of the MSR stuff. I ended up getting the Thor Ride jacket and pants and after a couple of rides, I am very impressed. The pants and jacket both appear to be holding up well, the stitching is very good, and the material feels very durable(we'll see how long it lasts, but so far, so good). I just went for a very rainy ride on the street, and the only place I'm wet is my feet (stupid leaky boots, I'll have to try the trash-bags as suggested above). I also noticed that the Thor gear really cuts/blocks the wind much better than any other gear I've used. :applause:

I have found that snowboard gear works very well. It is best to stock up when the close out sales happen in the spring.

Excellent advice, thanks guys!


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