New fiberglass mount for key switch

Finally got around to making a new mount for my key switch after mounting the Pro Tapers. Used a piece of G-10 fiberglass composite and mounted it using the bar clamp holes.


Wow. That looks fantastic! :applause:

Can I have it?

Simple, yet very effective. Looks great.

That looks great, very nicely done. I hope it's not patented.

Nicely done-very clean looking :applause:

Looks nice...but also looks like the cable coming from the ignition will have to rub accross the frame as you turn. I se the potential for some serious issues down the road. I would try to find a way to get it on the other side of the bars...or at least run the harness in that direction.

Very nice :applause:

Looks nice! Be aware how easy it to get to the wires to hot wire. Not that it was hard before, they just weren't advertised as much. Fork and a disc lock make up for this.

Countersteer - I always lock up my bike with a cable and a disc lock, and I really don't take it anywhere that I can't keep a constant eye on it. Even locked up - 2 guys could lift it into a pickup and be gone in a few seconds.


That looks awesome! I would reroute the cable though too...

:applause: OK, now make 500 more, get Bryan to sell them in the TT shop and I'll be the first to buy one (assuming you don't gouge us on cost).

it was easy to make - just time consuming! All that measuring, filing, dremelling takes time. If you guys want, could make a diagram of the measurements so you could make a pattern.

sweeet :applause:

The KISS method is always the best :applause:

IS that a carbon fiber headlight / number plate? Where did that come from?

Matt - yea, the plate you see in the photo is a carbon fiber replica of the factory works KTM supermoto plate. From KTM the plate is like around $400!!!!! I got this replica off ebay for $100. Plan on doing a stealth headlight setup using this plate. Goes well with the KTM supermoto front fender I have.

How do you get the stock aluminum holder off of the key?

Aaron - just pull off the rubber peice on the underside and it slides right out

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