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RMZ450 plasticc Q

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Hi fellas,

I previously posted this in the SM forum....

no replies in a couple of days.

(Maybe nobody there motarding an RMZ yet?)

Anyway, I'd appreciate the opportunity of a re-post in this forum:

What up fellas!

Looks like an RMZ450 motard is in the works.

Mmmm, can't wait for the spring.

Is the yellow of Cycra's motard fender the same color of the RMZ's plastic?

I can't tell the shade too well from Cycra's website. Just wonderin'

if anyone here knows offhand...

maybe after seeing it in person?

I'd rather not go with the Acerbis.




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Hey Ross,

I think its close, I have one for my DRZ when set up for street holiaganism.

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Happy new years Ross!!

Are you building a RMZ450? I have been thinking about one too. I'm leaning more to the green side though!! We will see. I'm a little nervous about being able to race next year. It seems that SMUSA is not going to be racing in my area anymore. If OVRP races more often I may pull the trigger on yet another new bike. :applause:

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I've never had a yellow bike, ever! yukkk

Going with brand S instead of K due to the 1yr head-start;

plus, the people doing the hop ups (at Hudson Valley Motorcycles

in Millwood, NY) have more info on the S brand due to Team S dealings and knowledge.

Aesthetically, the green KX450F with black wheels and a black powder-coated

frame and swingarm is my dream bike. :applause:

I already know in my head how bitchin that would look.

Or shall I say.....SINISTER:devil:

I didn't run any races last season. I only had time for one Sat. open practice (borrowed a friend's CRF).

I spent most of my time this summer introducing my bro-in-law to sportbike riding and

dirt/moto riding. We spent considerable time drilling the fundamentals.

Man, he went from completely green to handling trackdays at Loudon and

hittin' doubles at the moto track. He's now ready for SM, and is building an RMZ as well.)

What's the deal with SMUSA? Eric and crew quit the game?

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Not sure, I know I have emailed him with no reply, they are saying that they will have a banquet sometime in January but things are not to good there. OVRP is planning to run with cart races, that means more racing and riding but the possibility of no dirt section means it isn't Supermoto in my book. I think its a wait and see kind of thing. But its a $10,000 question that I'm not sure I want to contimplate. My KX250 is all ready for harescrambles this coming season, but I still really want to race supermoto.

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