GSI Fry pan?

When we go on a DS ride (more gravel road ride, rather than off-road), we go camping. Dinner consists of steak & whatever else we pick up (other day was rice & dried peas). Breakfast is bacon & eggs.

The frypan we've got with the cooker set isn't brilliant. It does the job but makes turning stuff over a pain (flat sides). The GSI one appears to have sloping sides (& all importantly folding handle). Is it any good though, for basic meals? Anyone know a decent shop that stocks them & is prepared to ship overseas (at a decent rate, I'm sorry but $33 for a $9-15 pan isn't worth it) - this is supposing anyone's tried them out & reckons they're good.

Next question, why does food always taste that much better in the outdoors?

Oh, after using the MSR folding utensils, I have to say they're good. The spatula turning edge did look like it's done more work than it has, but the concept is brilliant.

Cheers for any replies


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