JD jet kit or not??

Installing FCR carb, have all the jetting, seems that all I need is a EMM jet needle which I can get from Sudco for $8.14 + shipping.

Is there any reason I should buy the $64.80 + shipping JD jet kit? Are there parts in the kit other than the jets and needle that I will need or will improve performance?

After doing a search it seems that the needle is the reason to buy the kit.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

JD kit includes 2 needles and 4 main jets. You should be able to get your EMM from your local dealer as well - no charge for shipping.

If you can get EMM needle easily, you wont benefit that much for JD kit. I'm not saying that JD kit is crab, it works great for me.

Thanks for the the feed back Sahkomies. Now I can spend the extra $ on some case guards. Do you know the letter designation on the other needle?

If you are referring to JD needles, they are called "blue" and "red". Blue is richer and designed for lower elevation and red is leaner for high altitude/high temperature. Choosing is explained well in JD kit instructions.

I've read in this forum that JD needles are douple-tapered and hence somewhat different to Keihin needles which are single-tapered.

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