two bolts with blue paint with no place to go

After putting my 03' yz450 back together after adjusting the valves I noticed I had an extra pair of dark colored bolts with a blue dot or a small blue streak on the outside of them. I believe they have the number 8 printed on them too. I have no idea where they're suppose to go.

I am just banking on luck that someone knows what bolts I am describing.

A funny but sad thing is this happened last summer sometime and I been riding the bike anyway...:bonk::applause:

Cam cap bolts? Pull the valve cover and take a look.

What size are they? Use a 12 mil wrench or 10 or 8mm? Do they have a nut or are they just the bolt?

You just discribed about 10 different fasteners that you would remove to do valves.... My bet would be motor mount, tank bolts or something on the frame. These are common to have a paint strip to show they have been torqued during assem at the factory. :applause:

Sounds like the head stay.

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