New bike & new graphics

Gday guy's

my first dirt bike, it's an 04 KTM 525 EXC.

1st dirt bike an ya go an get a 525 uhmmmmm :cripple:just you be careful

looks nice though :applause:

Gday guy's

my first dirt bike, it's an 04 KTM 525 EXC.

1st dirt bike an ya go an get a 525 uhmmmmm :cripple:just you be careful

looks nice though :applause:

Yeah I rekon, I'm far from being used to so much grunt. I have trouble keeping the front end down. :bonk: I have ridden road and a few dirt bikes in the past but never owned a dirt bike.

I just love the sound of a big thumper, bloody awsome.

Congrats. The good thing is you'll never grow out of it. Thrash the **** out of it!

Looks great-have fun and ride hard :applause:

NICE lol im always a sucker to a clean KTM :applause::bonk::cry: BTW its bad if you dont grow outta ur bike cuz then you get new ones if you grow out :cry:

Yeah I would ride a gear high the entire time for the first couple weeks you have it. It may be fun to have all that power when your riding around the neighborhood, but when you get into the woods it will definately feel like a handful. I would recomend, trading bikes with another friend who has a thumper (just for a ride) so that you can spend your energy getting used to riding the dirt, rather than having to get used to the dirt and the bike at the same time.

Nice looking bike Dr Spade, needs a little dirt on it now.

Nice bike...Just a little to clean! Lol, have fun out there and be safe.

Congrats. That is a really clean bike!


I ain't riding in a gear to high on purpose so the guy's riding their jap crap (apologies to all )can tell me their bikes are so much smoother, faster etc. I can hear the bullshit already and I haven't even done it yet. Lets face it I think you mentioned that Kawirider just because you wish you rode a KTM, right? :applause:

I'm 6'3" tall and weigh about 235 pounds, I need a big bike. At the end of the day it only goes fast if you twist the throttle.

I don't ride on the road, even though here in Australia I can get full registration, I mainly ride single track and soft sand. I have an Enduro track close to my house about 30 minutes drive, it's a nice wide fast track with plenty of whoops and corners to power slide through. Cant imagine doing that on something like a small bore XR or KLR, or even worse a 2 stroke, I think thats when I would feel like being in danger.

I spend as much time as it takes to get the bike clean after every ride, I take pride in my KTM, call me a little padantic, but hey I'm in love.

I used to have those grapgics on my 125 check my garage, btw sweet ktm.

Damn sweet bike...I love KTM's. I'm gonna be picking one up myself in the near future. Probably a 300exc though.

Sweet ride man....twist the shit out of that throttle, its not that much power. :applause:

nice bike

Looks great-have fun and ride hard :applause:


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