KLX110 graphic costs....

My son received a new KLX110 for Christmas and he has been doing great on it. My daughter got his old CRF50. She is just learning how to ride so my son is watching over her and helping her out with this. The other day while I was at work they were riding in the backyard and he was turned around backwards talking to her and when he turned back around he barely nicked a tree. It messed up his shroud and graphics.

I ordered a new shroud ($18) and one graphic ($56). Jeez they are proud of the stock graphics. I could have bought a kit for that price but it is so new that I wanted to go back stock.

The local dealer wanted $98 for the two but that is a different story.

OK, I am done venting. :applause::bonk:

Ebay is a good place to find graphic kits for the 110. Since the 110 shares the plastics with the KX65, you can also do a search under the KX65 for graphics as well. I picked up some Tean Chevy/Kawasai graphics that were on a new set of plastics for $65 on ebay.

I had a full set of red plastics that I got off ebay for $80, but my family didn't like the color so I had to change back to green.

There's no reason to get stock graphics UNLESS You really like them. They cost too damn much.

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