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Oil problem

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Hi all,

i'am riding a crf 450 03 most times with the 17' rwheels on.

Since a few months i noticed that the ammount of engine oil increases !!!

As u know the crf as engin and gearbox oil seperated, Now it's so that i somehow lets oil from the Gearbox side in to the Engine side.

When i measure the ammount i loose on gearbox its almost equal to the ammount i gain on the Engine side ..

Does someone have an idea ?

Its hard to say how much it is .. It somehow depends on the track i race .. on faster tracks its more than on slower ones .. i am getting crazy !



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I'll just do the search for you instead of telling you to do the search :applause:

This should be a good start for your oil problem. PS thank you for getting to the point of your problem with out all the added Honda bashing you will see you will get better responces from TT members with a good post.


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Props to kelstr who had posted this a while back:

well it is a matter of removing your rock gards ,kicker, shifter and brake arms,dropping the coolent ,trans and engine lub,and removing the rt and lft engine covers.

then removing the clutch and basket, then remove the rt crank bolt , and the rt balancer shaft nut and you can then pop the crank power takeoff gear off and look at or change the rt crank seal , and you can slide the balancer shaft out the left side and look at and or change the balancer shaft seal witch is on the left side.

it is a very quick little job

it takes one rt and left cover gskts

one coolent o ring and rt crank seal and balancer shaft seal.

when i get to the shop i will look up the numbers and add them on.

ok the lt side gskt---11395-meb-670-----11.49---list --5.33 jober

rt side gskt---11394-meb-670-----14.79---list--8.96 jober

balancer seal ---91203-meb-671-----4.89 ---list--2.27 jober

crankseal ---91202-meb-671-----9.62---list --5.32 jober

o ring for coolent ---91256-383-721-----2.85---list---.89 jober

this is what the numbers and prices are out hear in az, ck with your dealer and see for your area.---

it would not hurt to have these parts on hand so if a buddy and or your bike developed the problem you will be more than ready !!

i try and keep two sets of these in the trailer just to be safe !!

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