CR250 tips

I'm going to look at a '03 CR250 to and want to know if there's anything i should keep an eye out for.

I know the usual but is there anything that CR's have common trouble's??

Check all the seals; forks, motor, bearings.....

If it is possible check the compression and the crankcase seals.

One thing I had go wrong was the reed valve pedal chipped a corner off, besides that nothing else. If the bike wasn't abused and routine maintenance was done it should still be a good bike. The power has yet to be desired but that can work both ways especially in the trails. IMO it's a good bike. I had one for 3 years until yesterday.

make sure that RC valve cable is kept tight

I believe the 03 hondas had a problem with the airbox sealing correctly,

maybe that was 02, not to sure.

Be sure to check for the usually like stated in the above posts.

Just a tip for the 03', I bought mine completely stock and barely ridden (literaly) for $2800. Stock, the motor is a little week, but I added a FMF Fatty pipe and Shorty silencer, V-Force 3 reeds, and that really made this thing perfect for my liking. Good luck and enjoy!

I did what motox262000 did except I had the Vforce2, that combo seems to work well with the bike, I did have a 50t sprocket on the back as well....Just some tips if you get it.....

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