Tera-Flex / XR650L Impressions...

Damm it's a big tire and to put it on you have to remove the disc brake guard and the chain guard. Plenty of space between the swingarm but it rubbed the bracket holding the chain guard. A quick spin of the Dremmel and the bracket was lopped off. Then there was plenty of room - I did not have to trim the Black plastic shock protector. The gearing I had prior to the Tera-Flex - a change from the stock front sprocket from 15 tooth to 14 - and to keep kinda the same ratio with this bigger tire - I went to a 13 tooth front that sprocket I had a hard time finding one and finally got one at Bike Bandit.

Yesterday I went to Carnegie and rang it out. Wow - does that sucker hook up. It was super muddy out there and it seemed to never run out of traction - I wish my front tire had it so good. I got in a loose soggy area, reved it up and dumped the clutch - and the front tire reached for the sky. It seemed no matter the conditions I had traction. Dumping the clutch assured one of two things - either a wheelie or the the "World" was going to rotate faster :applause: .

I ran 10 lbs pressure and found it a little loose so I raised it to 12 and this made a big difference. The knobs quickly self-cleaned. I was running a Dunlop 606 and liked it alot - but now (and depending on how it wears) I'm a fan of the Tera-Flex.

The disc brake protector was put back on but the chain guard is gone forever - no big loss. This is the steel-belted tire.

Where did you get the steel belted ? US made?


Choose from China or US Steel :applause: . Check it out!

Same price ???


Choose from China or US Steel :applause: . Check it out!

Thanks for the find. I was hoping they were still available somewhere. I have two USA made ones, one on my bike and one in my shed. Great tires in the sand.

$69.95 - about $10 more - Well worth it.............

heh... D.O.T. certified. heh heh.


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