Lost oil

Hi guy's, This is my first post on the thumper talk site I'm a crf man but recently borrowed* my friends 03 yzf 450 for a ride in the dunes and noticed a little sluggish feeling and then the bike stalled. I then found a trail of oil behind me and no drain plug in the bottom of the motor :applause: After getting it home I put a new drain plug in and filled it with oil just to see if it will start....it kicks over just fine but just pops and backfires now. I'm gonna pull the motor apart when I get some time...Can you guy's give me a heads up on what to look for?. Mike

:cry: + no oil = :cry::applause::cry::bonk: and $$$. I hope you come out ok.

&%$#@! is all this with drain plugs going AWOL.

yeah, i´m buying a drain plug with magnet and that tiny hole for securing it with a wire ...

what brand should i buy?

yeah, i´m buying a drain plug with magnet and that tiny hole for securing it with a wire ...

what brand should i buy?

Save some money, forgo the magnet (unless you really feel you need it) and drill a hole for a piece of safety wire in the OE plug. If you want to get creative, drill the drain plug a little and glue a small magnet into the end of it. Cost about $.20 and ten minutes of your time. What would it cost for a drain plug with a magnet installed? Save the cash and buy 2 new sets of grips... :applause:

yeah, i´m buying a drain plug with magnet and that tiny hole for securing it with a wire ...

what brand should i buy?

I bought the Yamaha brand as my replacement. Drilled a 1.5 mm radius hole in it through which I now feed a wire which is attached to the frame.. Thanks to advice picked up here on TT..

I make sure the plug is tight before wiring it. Probably if I had been more careful just making sure it was tight in the first place then I might not have had the problem..

Although a wire from the drain bolt to the frame will probably suffice, there is a proper way to safety wire. I did a very quick search on yahoo (not much effort at all, or I would have found something better) and came up with this:


Hope it helps. If anyone wants, I can search my aircraft maintenance books for the technique and post it.

USE A TORQUE WRENCH ON THE DRAIN PLUGS! Also safety wire is always a good idea if you have the tools.

In regards to the motor; my guess would be piston/cylinder damage for sure. Check the cam journals and the rod ends too. Can't really see the inside of the lower rod bearing, so unless you're going to rebuild/replace the crank for good measure then just check best you can for roughness and get the feeler gagues out and check the clearances.

Piston and cylinder it was. Time to freshin it up anyway. lol

i would say the damage is limited to the piston and and valve chain, check those bad boys then GET A NEW DRAIN PLUG!!!!

Do they make a big-bore kit for the 450? :thumbsup:

god, who needs a bigbore for a fofiddy. i race b class and i do fine on the stocker...a bigbore kit for these things are completely irrational when you have all the power you need with the twist of a throttle. or just get a pipe. i think i read something about maxpower or someone making a IceCube head, it runs like 2 grand and its something like 540cc's...thats for someone at the track who wants the baddest bike, and who def. needs some form of compensation. also, if you think the big bore is the way to go, check out athena, the make complete cylinder kits, i think the 490 kits are about 800 bucks.

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