Wr450 Or Yz450

Which one has more power WR or YZ ? A little or a lot?

You need to send a PM to NCMountainman. He has had both and now rides a YZ.

Hey 00YZ -- I just read about gears and shift forks going out on the 450's and 426's, Have you had any of those problems? Is that common?

Tracy Allan, I think the answer to your question is the YZ

There is no question on WR & YZ 450 motor reliability. :bonk::cry::cry:

Isolated failures can occur and transmissions on any dirt bike will not take reckless abuse. :bonk:

Get the YZ if you like to drive slow but get there quick! The WR wide ratio gearbox is not wide enough for me I need a 6th gear! :cry::p:lol:

YZ exhaust cam can be put in the WR to make the same power as a YZ. :applause:

Indy, which do you like better, your wr450 or 525mxc ?

I would choose a YZF. :applause:

I love them both but when it gets to real nasty rocky hill climbs the WR shines! Front forks are real bad stock. Rear shock is OK but not much to rave about. Bottom end torque is incredible. Very stable in rocks at any speed! Real confidence inspiring! :applause:

My KTM stock suspension is awesome! KTM turns quicker and feels lighter and revs out like a YZ motor and is slightly faster. The KTM 6 speed transmission is awesome. :bonk:

I agree with Indy, pick the bike for the kind of riding you like to do.

I have an 05 WR and my friend has an 05 YZ. I just did the jetting and airbox mod and now mine makes much more power mid and top. The power at mid and top is comparable to my friends YZ but the YZ still has more explosive power on bottom. Add a YZ cam and you will have the low end power along with E-start, more plush suspension, and 5th gear. My friend has commented many times that he wishes that he would have gotten the WR because of the kind of riding we do, all trails and cross country type stuff. Your situation may be different, choose accordingly.

if you run trails and don't have a need to go over 70 mph,a rekluse equiped yz is where its at :applause: i geared mine at 13/52,low speed tight stuff is no problem(walks over and through anything) and can still comfortably do 60-65 mph(top around 70). the 4spd together with the rekluse on the yz platform is a magical combination of speed and agility that i've found on no other bike :bonk:

Thanks for the info guys !!

I have a 03 WR450 I wouldn't trade it for anything other than a new WR maybee. I used to ride a KX500 but an injury gave me a bad knee on the kicking leg :applause: So I went electric start. I was worried about the power of the 450 compared to the 500. I actually layed it down the first time I rode it. On the first ride(all stock still) I layed it over in a corner and it didn't have enough power to pull it self through the corner so of course we went down on the bad leg I was sure I screwed up with the 450, what a dog. I couldn't believe that the free mods were going to make that much difference. After the free mods (except for the gray which I still haven't cut) WOW :bonk: what a difference. The WR's are choked up so bad it is unbelievable. The WR would not be the best choice for a full time A level racer, but they are very raceable for the average racer. If you ride the WR like a YZ they are slower. My brother rides my WR and claims it is allot slower than his YZ But when I ride it I am right on his tail. I race (25+ races last year) and trail ride mine. I ride a 30+ vets class or 250c class. The WR has gotten me the holeshot many times it will run with the average racer on YZ's and CRF's. There are a few tricks to help racing one. I remove the stock rear fender and headlight and use YZ fender and # plate this saves about 5lbs plus the YZ items are allot cheaper if they get banged up. Don't fill the gas tank full it holds almost a gallon more than a YZ this saves about 8 more lbs. The best part is here in Michigan you can make one street legal for about 50$ (we don't need turn signals) The headlight and tail light are already dual element units. all you need is a hi/lo switch, a brake light switch, a horn, a mirror, and a little rewire and down the road you go. They are a blast on the street. In short full race-YZ all around ridding WR I love mine :cry:

It really depends!

You have to modify a WR to get it up to scratch, you have to modify a YZ to get it up to scratch off road.

Modifying a YZ is way cheaper than a WR. YZ's go way harder than the WR. YZ's are so much lighter than the WR.

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