Considering a 1998 YZF400, thoughts?

A friend of mine is looking at a 1998 YZF400. Can anyone shed some light on the history of this model? Quality, maintenance, issues, performance, etc. What kind of things should he look for as he analyzes the bike?

Well it has yamaha reliability, and the 400's are even more reliable (valve wise) than the newer models. I have heard of somebody on this forum that didnt check their valves for 3 or 4 years. You may just want to do a garage search and PM the owners.

A friend had one few years ago and seemed to be a pretty reliable bike. I spent some time on it when he had it, the only thing I didn't like was it was real top heavy to me. It was really hard to ride in the woods because of it. Sorry I don't have any more for you.

In 1999 I had a 1999 Yz 400f. The bike treated me great. I bought it new and never did anything but change the oil and air filter. I never turned one bolt on the engine. I had no problems starting it with one or two kicks. None of my friends could start it. It had the manual decompression lever and you would have to normally find top dead center to start it easily. I owned it for 2 1/2 years and raced MX, rode the ice every winter. I sold it and it still ran great!. I now own a crf which is insane compared to the 400, however I am always wrenching on my crf. (preventative maintenance) Myself I like the Honda's ride better so I do not mind wrenching a bit more often. But these yamahas are very reliable. If I remember correctly the last year the 400 or 426 was made had a thicker cylinder because they were getting ready to make a 426 or 450. So maybe you can look into that. I'm sure someone on here knows about this.

Bulletproof bike but I wouldn't pay more than a grand for one. There going on 8-9 years old already, hard to believe, my buddy struggled to get $900 out of his when newer 426's are going for only a few hundred more. I'd say it's a decent beginner bike to enter the four stroke world but if he's ridden anything newer he might be dissapointed. Just my opinion. Ride on :applause:

I have a 99 and I think the biggest difference is the suspension, these bikes are bullet proof, and once you learn how to start them the arent bad, they are kind of heavy but I race mine in tccra and dont have much of a problem, if he plans on racing it in off road, I would recomend putting a fly wheel weight on it or he may have a stalling problem, I put a 10 ounce on mine and problem solved, very reliable bikes and fun to ride.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll forward the thread and let him handle it from here.

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