06' 450 flywheel weight

First of all I'm new to this site and am amazed at all the usefull info!!....here in arizona there's a new racing organization (AMRA) thats putting on really technical offroad races and i was planning on running a flywheel weight on my new 06' to help with the tight sections and I'm finding out that there seems to be no room for a flywheel weight and manufactures are blowing off building them................has any one heard opposing rumors or have any suggestions???????


there was a post on this topic earlier.

This company is working on a replacement wieghted flywheel for the bike, I know because he used my bike to pull the dimensions and such from. It is true he said this is the hardest YZ he has done yet, the flywheel in stock form is very light and there isnt much to attach wieght to, which is why he is doing a complete flywheel for it.


the YZF's are so smooth and versatile with the 5 speed ....I can't imagine putting a flywheel weight on one...

the power is smooth ,but in tight woods first gear is pretty tall, a lot of clutch work involved to prevent stalling.

the YZF's are so smooth and versatile with the 5 speed ....I can't imagine putting a flywheel weight on one...

I ride with my son who has a 05 450f with a 12 0z flywheel weight. The 06 I have is great but once I got off mine and rode his with the flywheel it is very apparent that the 06 needs one for the woods. At the very least with no flywheel weight I see stalling a couple of times at least in any hare scrambles or enduro. That is a couple of places in my class and that aint gonna cut it. My rekluse auto clutch is on order.

IMO I don't think you'll need one............

run with out it and oh yeah, turn the idle up..............

Thanks for sharing your veiws.....I've rejetted and turned the idle up but still in the "really" tight 1st gear stuff its stalling even w/some agressive clutch work.....for some reason I'm scared to to try the rekluse......i'll try gearing down a tad but from what I've heard for the type of racing I'm doing the most of I better man up and try a rekluse............just seem's like alot of money to spend on something that may be hard to get used to?????

Contact Dubach Racing Development and see where they are with this.

In truth, I understand the attraction of the lower weight and advanced suspension, but The YZF is a very much purpose built MX bike, as you already realize. A lightened WR might be more suitable for your purpose in a lot of ways. I would probably (I have) choose the YZ over a WR, too, but there are going to be some compromises to be made in turning one into a woods bike.

I'm always killing my YZ 426 in the woods. I do 80% of my riding through the trees and tight switchbacks. I was thinking about lowering the gears but 5th really isn't all that tall the way it is. All this talk about a flywheel weight has me interested. Tell me more! Tell me more! Fred

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