Manual Decompression slack

When I bought my 95 XR600R the manual decompression lever and cable were missing. Still not sure why they would have been removed.

Anyway, I picked the set up off e-bay and have now installed. The manual specifies slack in the lever but I cannot seem to acheive. I install the adjuster bolt on the sprung lever (on engine) and there is no slack in the lever at all. I even installed the cable with both adjuster nuts under the bracket to allow for more slack but it's still got tension on the spring and therefore no lever play. Any ideas?

Also, now I have the thing, how do I use it? I've never really had any trouble starting without the lever anyway. Should I just use it when I eventually drop and flood it?


Take a picture of how you have it installed and the cable routed. I think youve just got something assembled wrong...

Here's what you should use it for.

When starting slowly push down starter crank until it stops (TDC).

Then pull in the Decomp. lever. Continue to push crank down slowly until you feel it just gets past TDC. It will only move about an inch.

Then let out the Decomp. lever and kick start it.

It will start a lot easier, and faster.

The same thing will apply when you've dumped it. Use this same technique but with the throttle wide open when you kick start it. It will almost always work on the first kick.

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