Radiator refill question

I tweaked my left radiator the other day (I know, I'm getting radiator guards right away). I took it off and had it repaired, and I'm ready to put it back on and top it off. I didn't drain it completely. The bike has less than 300 miles on it, so the coolant should be fine, other than what came out when I removed the messed up radiator.

A friend of mine says that his KTM has some sort of "bleeder valve" or some such thing to make sure there's no air in the line. I don't see anything like that in my manual.

So . . .

Can I just put on the repaired radiator and top it off without draining the whole thing? It came off very clean, and I covered the hoses.

If so, is there some sort of bleeder valve like what my friend is talking about? The way he describes it, if there is air in there, no coolant will reach the motor. Is there anything else I may be missing, or any trick to this. It seems simple enough.

Thanks for your help.

I've had my radiators off more times than I care to count :cry: and have always just topped them off, ran it for a few minutes and then usually top off the overflow resevoir to the full mark. I've only experienced what appeared to be a vapor lock or air bind in the system once and it was after I had been riding for a couple hours. The bike did'nt sound right and I could feel the excess heat on my legs. I shut her down, let her cool down and fired it up, no more issue :bonk:

Do you have a manual to refer too?

I would not worry to much, just slap it on and fill it up :applause:

Fill er up boss.

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