put it on and then......

so for christmas i got a Works Connecton Eleite Perch with hot start

and Devol frame savers.

put them on tonight. frame savers are very truck and will surely keep the paint on my frame from my boots rubbing against them. teh shifting side is not as trick as the brake side. you have a little bracket to use unlike the other side that just bolts on in place of one of the brake master cyl bolts and the sub frame bolts. the kit comes with longer polished allen head bolts to replace the stockers. very nice and clean perfect fit. couldnt be happier. i liked them better than the works connection ones .

The works clutch perch. I am totaly in love with. the action is SOOOOOOO smooth and so trick. the on the fly adjuster locks and clicks as you move it. definitly gonna be easy to adjust if your riding. the dust cover is so trick and you can adjust the lenght of the lever from the bar for your hand size ... kind of how you can with the ASV levers. the lever that came with is billet and trick its knarled for finger grip so your glove wont slip on it if its wet or muddy. i seriously didnt know what to expect but this is one of the best things i could ever imagine anyone getting i highly reccommend it.

I am not so happy about the position of the hot start on the pertch rotator. It wants to hit the grip but honestly i dont think its that big of a deal Maybe i just need to get uset to the use of my thumb for the hot start and not my index finger where the stock was located on TOP of the perch.

160 bucks for the perch . worth EVERY penny .

What do you mean by, the frame savers are truck??? Just messin, sounds good, thanks for letting us know.

im gone buy the works clutch/decomp just to have my thumb do that work .. i like it better that way! ... :applause:

I know what your saying with the Elite perch.I have been useing it for about 3-4 months now(maybe longer)and its worth every penny.I have one on every bike I own and couldnt ask for a better perch.I actually didnt even ride the new 250f or 450f without it.

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