New Guy w/ '87 XL600R

I just found this forum tonight. I picked up an old XL600R that's been sitting for a year or so for $300. Looking forward to working on it with my 16-year old son.

I gotta start by cleaning out the gas tank and carbs. I'm sre there's plenty of varnish and gunk in there. Then changing all of the fluids, check for spark and then see if it will kick over.

The air filter is pretty well shredded. Is ther an aftermarket air filter that you reccomend.

Also need some side covers for it. Any suggestions where to find these?

Anything else I should do or know about these bike?



welcome to the forum ... you're in the right place, plenty of experienced 600 owners here for advice ... I like the Unifilter myself, washable foam, about $20-$25, I think ... :applause:

For parts I go to (free shipping on $100) Also You can choose what product to buy from there. You better see if the bike turns over before you buy anything or do that work. Hope this helps you on you xr rebuild.

CONGRATULATIONS ON A FINE PURCHASE! Got two of them myself. An '83 and '87. You can get what you need at just do a search and type in what you are looking for. I do have some engine parts laying around somewhere in my garage. Let me know waht you need maybe i can help.

Congrads and Welcome Aboard. Like some of the other guys said. Unifilter or K&N. Good used parts on Ebay. :applause::bonk::cry:

All you'll need is an aircleaner and some carb spray... You may want to short the gap on the plug. The coils are not all that great and break down. I was having all kinds of wierd problems with my 83 XR500. I closed the plug gap .004 and it was a whole new world.

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