indoor track in battleground

When is the new indoor track in battleground going to be ready?

Also why does the clark county indoor track shut down for the season so early end of this month?

Also when the heck can I ride a track again :bonk::applause: this rain is killin me :cry:

When is the new indoor track in battleground going to be ready?

Also why does the clark county indoor track shut down for the season so early end of this month?

Also when the heck can I ride a track again :bonk::applause: this rain is killin me :cry:

where is the indoor track in Battleground????

Well Pro Moto Promotions is trying to build an indoor arena, it has not started yet. You can always ride Salem on the practice days or Hindsight is open everyday. Mondays they are closed till the afternoon while they rework the track.

I'm gonna head down tommorow and ride the clark county indoor I normally don't make it down that way this time of year but it beats RMC. I'll have my 06 yz 250 #93 I plan on taking it easy since i've been sick for a few weeks cold/flu but i've said that before and gone out and just blitz'd the track.

The indoor track in BG is a pipedream. I doubt we will ever se anything come of it. If your over 30 head down to Salem Sunday and hit up the OT practice. Last year there wasn't too many people there..........

Well went down yesterday and ran a few of the practices it was fun felt good to get on the bike after being sick helped clear up my head. Everything was kewl till some local lamer got up in my face for nothing. I wasn't even ridding in the this guys practice it was my friend! I'm getting ready for my practice cause it's starting to stage since we're next.

This dweeb comes over and just starts yellin/cussin at me saying how my friend is a dirty rider he hit me. I happened to be standing out in the middle of the track so I watched the whole practice this was after the 3rd one. All day they've been kinda going out cause they was ridding bout the same pace etc. If he was saying the little bump that happened before this double jump it was far from intentional that just happened to come into each other. No one crashed or anything and it was a real minor bump.

I jump on the defensive cause I know this guy is full of it and pullin cry baby crap. I say no he wasn't ridding dirty so we both repeat what we say the whole time i'm thinking wake the hell! it's AX/indoor sometimes that happens! It's motocross you fool. Then he makes this outragous claim he has it on video (he had his croonie little girls in the back ground with a cam cell phone eww i'm scared now!) I just start laughing and tell the guy to shut the :applause: up get the :bonk: out of my face step the :cry: off it's not even me I wasn't even ridding the bike.

I got told later by some of the track officals this guy does this often and they applogized. Thats kewl they did that but I can't believe some guy who is like twice my age is gonna get up in my face for nothing!

maybe you guys know this fool on some first gen alum frame cr 250 #272 chrome cheap numbers. Maybe I should complain to elaine of pro motopromotions this was my first time going to thier indoor. I feel like that guys was trying to instagate a fight over nothing. err it's just riles me up that people can be that stupid :cry: get off the track and go home cry baby :p I can see doing that is say I T-boned ya but to just accuse right away to someone else other than the rider who caused it dude didn't even applogize just kept getting these dirty looks. :cry: He's just lucky I didn't jump on my friends 125 and show him what real dirty ridding is err! sorry had to vent that being sick with the flu my tolerance was down idoits that day.

sounds like he is some insecure ass**** that lives out his glory days thinking he is a bad a** on the track.I run into these guys every now and again who think they are something because they are maybe better than you or are a local at that track.9 out of 10 times these guys are big talk on the track but ******* off of the track and cant back there big mouths up, thats what Ive ran into I get off my bike and they are now kissin my a**.

I think pro motions should ban him from the track and tell him this sport doesnt need guys like him and it should be a family atmosphere.

I think you should have taken your helmet off and smacked him in the fu***n jaw with it!! Or told your buddy to start ridin' dirty :applause:

So many rumors floating around on the battleground track. They are still working on it.

Come take check out our facility. We have six lanes of terrain. We will be having a race series beginning the end of February. Fist race is the tentatively scheduled for the 24th. We are located in North Plains. See our website at

Get out of the rain. Come ride indoors!!

Yep, Hindsight is sweet. And yes, the arena in Battle Ground is taking forever. Four years to be exact. Four years and they still can't get a permit to break ground. Stupid laws! So don't be holding your breath, but also don't blame Promoto Promotions or anyone else building it. Blame the city and the army corp of engineers!

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